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Latest Limousine Technologies

Latest Limousine Technologies

These days, transportation is not only about just getting to your destination, it is about the experience. For this very reason, we here at Highland Limo Service are continuously updating our fleet to give our customers the best experience possible. Unlike today’s public transportation, limousines are remodeled, and improved every year to feature new technologies.

Climate Control

We understand that going from having the time of your life, to sitting in the back of a limo with an uncomfortably set climate can be one of the worse feelings. IN an effort to resolve this issue, limousines now come with complete rear climate control technology. You now have the ability to set the temperature you feel fit, rather than relying on the driver to properly heat or cool the vehicle. You can now rest assured know you will arrive feeling comfortable and vitalized, no matter the destination, or season.


When you are riding in a limousine, you are most likely traveling to a very important event, whether it is work, or pleasure. Now with the help of latest technologies, you do not have to put your life on hold while in the vehicle. For instance, if you’re traveling to a work meeting or a conference, you are able to connect to the Wi-Fi and continue with the work flow with no interference. In order to ensure that your plans are running smoothly, you can even share the locations, even if the destination is a party, or a work meeting.

Stereo system

When a customer is booking a luxury service such as a limo service, they expect to be given the best service possible. With the enhancing technologies nowadays, there is absolutely no reason not to provide passengers with the best and latest entertainment features. No matter what the occasion is that you are traveling to, the limousine ride sets the mood for the night, which can mean the difference between and average night and a great night. Passengers can now connect their phones with Bluetooth and listen to their favorite music all night long, and a premium sound system ensures that the music will not be stopping until the limo does.

Premium seats

The latest luxury technology makes transportation more comfortable than ever. To provide a higher level of comfort, limousine designers decided to retreat and focus on the basics: the seats. The driver’s seat is usually given priority, but in the limousine industry, the needs of passengers exceed the needs of the driver. Passengers can forget the stress and strains associated with travel while relaxing in leather seats with exceptional lumbar support. In addition to adjusting the seat structure, the technology inside the seats has also undergone a significant improvement. Although heated seats may initially seem unnecessary, passengers will immediately notice an increase in comfort

You can find standard technologies anywhere, but only Highland Limo Service will provide you with the luxury features you deserve!