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8 Important Tips to Follow Before Hiring an Airport Limo Service in Highland

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8 Important Tips to Follow Before Hiring an Airport Limo Service in Highland

Hiring a reliable and worthy transportation service provider is not an easy task, especially when it comes to acquiring a service for airport travelling in an exclusive vehicle like a limousine. Whichever the service provider you tend to hire, keep in mind the following tips in order to get the best experience from a top airport limousine in Highland.

1. Always give your contact number

Whenever booking an airport limo, always give your currently active number to the service provider. The number is the best medium to stay in touch with the chauffeur in case your flight or baggage claim is delayed.

2. Ask the chauffeur to meet you at the baggage claim

A professional chauffeur should be aware of the fact to meet you at the baggage claim rather than at the gate. Due to the security reasons pertaining to 9/11, chauffeurs are not allowed to go beyond the security gates. In most cases the chauffeurs can be seen waiting at the bottom of the escalators in the vicinity of baggage claim.

3. Keep your phone on

Turn your phone on as soon as you have landed. The chauffeur will be able to contact you in case of uncontrollable delays or arrange an alternate vehicle for you.

4. Curbside pickups an option too

Similar to any other transportation service provider, an airport limo can easily pick you up from the curb. A number of clients claim to meet in the terminal, but a curbside pickup can be sorted in case the customer is in a hurry.

5. Store confirmation number

The confirmation number and the contact information of the service provider should always be stored in your cell phone. You never know what uncertainties arise such as sudden cancellation of the transport, traffic jams, or any other unfortunate events.

6. Appoint for early pickup

If your flight is in morning hours especially in a regional airline such as Southwest or United, then better schedule an early pickup. This is due to the fact these carriers get extremely busy from sunrise or early hours, and you really want to give yourself ample time to stay abreast of the allotted time of your travelling.

7. Get going early for international departures

The state of Friday evening international departures is the same as it is for regional departures in morning hours. So if you are planning to schedule an international flight on Friday evening, then better get ready to leave early.

8. Inquire the flight timings

Besides yourself, try to keep the chauffeur updated as well regarding the timings of your flight. Any changes in the departure should be communicated to the transport service provider accordingly.


In order to get a thoroughly relaxed and stress-free ride, any customer would question the worth and reliability of the transport service provider. So as a customer or a traveler, it is our job to keep the above detailed tips in mind and act accordingly to enjoy the services of the airport limo at the fullest.