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5 Qualities That Make a Good Chauffeur Great.

5 Qualities That Make a Good Chauffeur Great.

An excellent limousine service is more than just being driven in a luxury vehicle. On the contrary, the services you get during a Limo Service are just as if not more important the luxury limo itself.

When people invest in a Limo service for Weddings, Proms or even for Corporate clients, they are investing in a luxury vehicle with quality customer service from chauffeur to client. Below are 5 important qualities that make a Chauffeured Limo Service great!

Paperwork (Licensing & Certification)

The first thing that makes a Chauffeur great is his or her driving license. All limo chauffeurs need to be and should be properly licensed & certified to drive a luxury limo. Along with the driver the vehicle should also be properly insured just in case the worse possible situation arises. Without the proper licensing & certification you “The Passenger” are taking a big risk allowing an unlicensed or unqualified person drive you in a vehicle that requires extra care & attention.

Professionalism & Likability.

Most often than not, people hire a chauffeured limo service for special occasions. This only makes it that much more important for your chauffeur to be professional and likeable. The chauffeur should be dressed professionally, should speak professionally and react to every situation on or off the road in a professional manner by always putting the client first and that too with a smile on their face.

Communication Skills

Since your personal chauffeur will be driving you and/or your guests around its imperative that they speak well and communicate regularly with the passengers on detours or change in schedules & routes due to traffic and/or weather conditions. However a great chauffeur should also know when not to talk and avoid annoying or overwhelming the passengers.

Perfect Punctuality

We know that your plan your special occasion down to the last detail, henceforth punctuality in your chauffeured limo service is a must have. For example a Bride & Groom who reserved a chauffeured limo service for their special wedding day can be seriously stressful or a couple reserving a prom limo only to find out their chauffeured prom limo as not shown up. A great limo chauffeur should also know the local roads well enough to navigate from pick-up to drop-off in all seasons and festivities.

Always Safety First

Lastly, it’s important for a great chauffeur to put the safety of the passengers before anything else but also maintain an air of confidence and relaxation. A great chauffeur should be confident in his or her ability to drive a luxury vehicle with passengers who expect a great experience because it may be their one and only.

Highland Limo Services promises to deliver Safe & Professional chauffeured limo service for all occasions in any season, we are proud to serve the Highland, CA region year in year out with a host of luxury vehicles for every occasion.