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How Our Drivers Measure Up To The Competition

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How Our Drivers Measure Up To The Competition

Many people tend to wonder about transportation services. The fear is the big “what if” is the driver a _(fill in the blank)_? The Uber and the Lyft drivers are popular in the news today many of us hearing about drivers attacking passenger etc. Many people worry about such terrible things because our world is not perfect. Our world is not all sunshine and rainbows. Unlike, Uber and Lyft the issue is the driver hired is he/she actually the one that is taking you or someone special to where they need to go? It is not hard for a driver with Uber and Lyft to switch places with a trusted friend that is not screened at all. There is no accountability with the competition. Is who was hired actually the one that is driving you? This is a scary thought.

This is what Perfect Transportation does to hire the right people for the job. We hire our drivers through an intensive process first we drug test them and interview them. If the driver is a fit the potential driver will meet the upper management and will began a background from our in house background check, Megan law website and local court house checks. If the driver successfully passes then they are shown our vehicles and trained to our strict standards.

Finally they go through a more intensive nationwide, FBI, Dept. Justice background search through OCCUSCREEN and another drug test that is now a 10 panel test. We also conduct random drug testing so our drivers and staff does not know when this occurs. All of our vehicles have GPS and monitored at all times, so a driver cannot deviate from the job. All vehicles are inspected at our yard and process just before the pickup, so there is no time for bait and switch operations. This is how we successfully give our clients peace of mind.

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